In Israel, the sherut is a shared taxi that drops you off wherever you wish. Like a sherut, our program hopes to bring people together, take them on a journey and leave them in a different place than where they began. 

The Sherut ("shay root") Project is engaging a new generation (25-45) to shape our Jewish future.

The Sherut Project offers meaningful Jewish learning experiences tailored to individual needs.

Through Sherut, network with other professionals across multiple disciplines.

Participants engage in service to the Jewish and greater community, as individuals and as families.

The Sherut Project emphasizes the concept of Kol Yisrael Aravim, that all Jews are responsible to one another.

The Sherut Project offers opportunities for families to gather in meaningful Jewish contexts.

  Learn about Israel through Sherut.

Sherut acts as a resource to Jewish adults (25-45), connecting them to activities of interest in the global Jewish world.